Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We were back at Final Fridays for the 9th Anniversary - here are the pics. Big ups to Viz, Fatz & Kuwn for putting us down once again. We're becoming regulars in 2009. LOL.

A long time......

I haven't posted a blog in a few months.....because I've been so busy. I've turned 30, been out of town performing, finished the album and did a bonus cd, been featured in the DFW Quick twice, nominated to become a Governor of the Grammy Texas Chapter, hosted a workshop/performed at the 5th Annual DeSoto Hip Hop Summit and been asked back for the 2nd Annual Katt Williams celebrity baskeball game and wrote the official theme song for it. Who knew a kind gesture would turn into me having magazine write-up, radio interviews and even an opening & ending performance at the game (I'm on right before Kelly Price doing the National Anthem - thats huge). Alot has been going on and looks to continue to be doing such so I'm just grateful for those around me helping and supporting and even those still hating.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

FORGOT - PICS from our FINAL FRIDAY .......

Were featured on the Dallas Observer site. Thanks to Gloria "GLO" Levario for all of the great pics and using our pics on the site. GO GLO. LOL.

What is up.........

Well enjoyed my birthday very much. Went out to Brooklyns, had a party at the house and made a "CLASSIC"-"HIT"-"RADIO READY", R&B song in the studio.

I've been on the grind doing more GRAMMY events, preparing for the DeSoto Hip Hop Summit, performing at Final Fridays & the Lounge as well as up-coming shows at Palm Beach, handling paperwork by registering my radio singles with BMI, BDS & Mediabase.

Things are kicking into gear with the promotion of my album, alot of networking opps have came about and just movement period.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I've been sick for the last few weeks but I'm good now. How about I'm reading the DFW Quick this morning - low & behold there is a WRITE-UP ON ME. Thanks to Delano Washington for giving me a plug in regards to my voting in this years' Grammy Awards (which because of my illness I had to miss but going to the other events surrounding it has been fun) and he plugged my up-coming album, N.O.W. (No Otha Will). Its a small article but it's a start to really promoting myself and my project. Lets see what's next for ya Boy.